Some Recently Added Lectures

New Times in Medicine
  • Background and rationale for ACO’s
Simeon A. Schwartz, MD 0:40:26
Primary Care for Older Adults in an ACO Setting

  • Elicit the primary concern and other objectives for the visit (the patient, the caregiver and the family)
  • Review the whole care plan or focus on a specific aspect
  • Perform a focused or complete history & physical examination
Laurie G. Jacobs, M.D. 0:29:48
Engaging consumers to become smart users of medical and dental benefits
  • New Era of Consumer Engagement
  • Transparency vs. Clarity
  • FAIR Health Mission
  • Data Assets and Resources
  • Tools for Sound Decision-making
  • External Member Facing Tools
  • Internal Management Tools
  • Capturing the Opportunities Presented
Robin Gelburd 0:39:32
Requirements to Coordinate Care for High Utilizers
  • Objectives and Approach to Cost Management for High Utilizers
  • Characteristics of Target Patients
  • Plan of Care
  • Infrastructure Requirements
Tim Breaux  0:10:18
Care Coordination: An Integral Part of ACO Management
  • Care Coordination Program
  • Care Management Services
  • Use of analytics
Scott D. Hayworth, MD, FACOG  0:17:50